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As a writing coach, I’ll be your biggest motivator, your harshest critic, your ruthless editor, your accountability partner, your mentor, and your writing friend.

What is a writing coach?

A writing coach is a person who guides other writers in navigating the world of writing. A writing coach can offer valuable insights about writing better content and be a constant support for anyone trying to make it in the field of writing.

Just like a football coach can help bring out the best in a player, a writing coach has the same objective; to help someone become a better writer.

Why choose a writing coach?

But I don’t want to become a writer. Why should I work with a writing coach? It’s not just about doing writing professionally. Good writing skills can help you stand out in all aspects of your life.

Better email communication? – You’ll rock it.
Writing good reports? – You’ll have that under control.
Sharing knowledge about your domain on social media or LinkedIn? – No worries

But most of us still struggle to express ourselves clearly. Due to the inability to write effectively, we miss out on many opportunities.

Maybe you are a medical student/employee who can share some valuable insights with other people. Maybe you have a good knowledge of the stock market and finance industry which can be beneficial for others. Maybe you are a business owner who wants to improve communication with your customers and investors.
Maybe you are master chef who could share some delicious recipes with the world.

The point is, no matter who you are, having good writing skills is a must.

Writing Coach VyasSpeaks

How does my coaching work?

Your schedule will be the most important aspect of this process. I understand how busy we all are these days, so this coaching will work based your preferred time slot.

This is how my process works-

  • You get on a free consultation call with me where I use this opportunity to discover your needs, you objectives, your writing level, and your expectations from my coaching.
  • Then based on this initial conversation, we work together to create a working strategy for you and finalize a road map for you. For e.g., If you are someone who wants to earn some money from your writing, then we’ll first work on honing your writing skills before pitching in to relevant websites and platforms where you can earn as you write.
  • Based on this road map, i’ll help you build a consistent writing habit so the more you write and practice, the better you get at it.
  • We will do daily sessions of 5 to 15 minutes where I’ll review and edit your work. I’ll also share tips to improve the various aspects of writing.
  • Together we’ll be doing 5 sessions a week and thus, 20 sessions per month.
  • During this process, I’ll also be guiding you on how to quickly move up the ladder by sharing some industry specific tips and insights.
  • Based on how you progress, you can choose to continue with my coaching or decide to discontinue any time.

Why work with me?

  • I am a seasoned content professional having 4 years of industry experience in Content Writing, Copy Editing, Copy Writing, and Digital Marketing.
  • I am currently working as a content writer with a US-based MNC that works in the IT domain.
  • I have worked with small and large corporations and thus, understand their requirements in terms of content writing.
  • I also work with other clients on a freelance basis to help them with their content requirements.
  • I have a good understanding of what works in the digital world
  • I’ve written for Fansided, Sportskeeda, Daily Soccer Digest, A1-Technology, Medium, Quora, and my own blogs.

What’s the coaching fee?

I’ll be respectful of your budget but the fee needs to be paid upfront in advance. I usually charge a fee based on an amount for the whole month. My fee would be for the 20 sessions that I mentioned above. But if you like, you can decide to pay me for each individual session.

Here’s the fee structure –

  • My fee for each month (20 sessions) is $200 which easily translates to $10 per each session.
  • For people from India, the monthly fee (for 20 sessions) is ₹6000 which easily translates to ₹300 per session.
  • For individual sessions, the prices are $20 and ₹500 for International and Indian clients, respectively.

With this, I reserve the right to change my price any time. I also reserve the right (as do you) to terminate our working relationship at any time.

How to get started?

You can book your free consultation call with me using the link below or simply send me an email at vshikhil@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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