True Character

This is what determines your true character.

What would you do if your favorite celebrity asks you for a favor?

You wouldn’t think twice before helping them, would you? I guess not.

What would you do if your boss asks you to do something for them? 

Wouldn’t you happily oblige? I guess you would.

Similarly, you’d be very kind and respectful towards someone who’s a millionaire or a powerful politician. 

That’s the thing. Our actions are often determined by how we perceive a given situation.

It’s easy to be kind, respectful, and generous towards people who hold influence over us. 

But what really determines our character is how we treat people who cannot offer us anything.

It is determined when we choose to be kind, respectful, and generous in situations where it’s not easy to do so.

P.S. – What you do when no one is watching defines who you really are.

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