Top Three Platforms for Content Writers in 2020

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The Internet moves fast and so does its demographics. What worked a year ago, could probably be useless by now.

The same applies to content as well. Having explored a number of platforms as a writer, I’ve found some to be better than the others when it comes to engagement and the type of audience.

But before talking about the best writing platforms for content writers in 2020, let’s discuss briefly the platforms you should move away from.

Time to leave conventional writing platforms 

  • Conventional social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become too crowded. The writing you put out on these platforms easily gets lost in a sea of negative opinions and political debates. Even Quora, to some extent, has started to feel like an ad platform where people mostly post content to score some traffic.
  • Owning or starting your blog in 2020 doesn’t seem like a brilliant idea either. Until and unless you are backed by a solid SEO team, it would be hard for you to make a mark on the web. You’ll struggle to get your articles ranked and will easily be displaced by the media behemoths.

Where should the writers go then? I’ve found these three platforms to be the most suitable for writers to venture into.

Top Three Platforms for Content Writing in 2020

1) Medium

You ought to be living under a rock if being a writer you haven’t yet heard of Medium. It is a free-to-use writing platform where you can easily sign up and start writing instantly without those much-dragged onboarding processes.

Medium describes itself as, “A place to read, write, and interact with the stories that matter most to you.” The beauty of Medium is that it actually respects its ideology of being a place that gives preference to writers and stories.

Medium is for the writers and storytellers. You won’t find any annoying ads on Medium, and its clean interface makes a reader focus more on the actual content.

Medium’s algorithm promotes content based on its quality. It’s the well-written stories that do well on Medium instead of those promoted by ads. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the SEO aspect of your articles. Medium takes care of all that stuff so the writer in you can solely focus on creating rich stories. In terms of Google rankings, Medium articles seem to rank quite easily as well.

Medium’s easy-to-use interface makes writing an intuitive process. What I like the most about Medium is its minimalist editor which is still full of all the necessary features you could possibly need while writing. It comes with easy text formatting options and also has embedded Unsplash for adding stock images.

And all these features pale in front of the fact that Medium has probably the best user base right now. In what terms you ask? Well, in my experience, I have found the most supportive and receptive bunch of people on Medium. Unlike in other platforms, on Medium you’ll be interacting with a lot of fellow writers who understand you a lot better because they have been through the same struggles as you. And these are not just a bunch of amateur writers either. Medium is home to some of the biggest names in the writing industry, including some of the New York Times Best Sellers (Tim Ferris, Ryan Holiday, Darius Foroux, you name them).

2) LinkedIn

A client of mine (from writing coaching) recently wrote an article highlighting the work that is currently being done in creating the vaccine for Covid-19. Being from a biomedical background, he had some insights that made his article unique and valuable.

But why am I telling you this? The point is, his article did amazingly well on LinkedIn. Post this, he also started getting contacted by people who invited him to write for their online magazines. That’s the power of LinkedIn.

Similar to Medium, LinkedIn too promotes merit. If you have written a good piece that can benefit people then you are likely to receive a good response on it.

There is a professional undertone to LinkedIn which is evident from its user base. Not only you get to connect with some of the most accomplished people in your domain but you also get to build a genuine interest in your articles and posts.

To highlight the same, let me share my own example. Some time back, I wrote a post on the freelancing scenario in India. Most of my posts reach an average of 200-300 views only. But this time, I was able to reach close to 5000 views.

Insights from LinkedIn

The reason this post received such a response is because of the fact that it was backed by research and was providing value to readers. This example throws good light on the LinkedIn algorithm.

Add to it the fact that unlike other platforms, it’s the text that reigns supreme on LinkedIn. While video and images continue to top engagement charts on other platforms, LinkedIn continues to be a top destination for text-based posts. This can only be a good reason for writers to explore LinkedIn.

3) Niche websites and digital magazines

The traffic game is dominated by those who have been at it for long. So obviously it’s going to be very difficult if you start competing with a website that has been in your domain for years now. After probably years of consistent practice, they have managed to solidify their position at the top of Google rankings.

So how do you go head to head against them? Well, you don’t. There’s no point in trying to compete with these websites as it would be a futile exercise. What can be done instead is to use their popularity to get your work in front of a larger audience.

Let me share my own example. Last year, I wrote plenty of long-form articles on football. I started my own blog and regularly created content for it. But even after the SEO, the extensive promotions, and proper research while writing, my articles hardly received any response.

That is when I decided to submit one of my articles to Sportskeeda, a sports-focused revenue sharing website. I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular to happen but I was really surprised by the kind of response that the article received. The same article that got only 40 views on my website, went on to get close to 7000 views when I posted it on Sportskeeda.

As you can see in the screenshot below, through only 10 posts, I was able to reach close to 26,000 views. Of course, all posts didn’t do as well as the first one. But the scope is high. It would have taken me hundreds of articles to reach the same number of views on my personal blog.

Sportskeeda dashboard

That is the power of niche websites. By putting your content across a targeted audience you can get a tremendous response. These websites already have a loyal user base and the engagement rates on these websites are quite high.

So no matter what domain you write in, find the top websites in your domain and start pitching your articles to them. And don’t be afraid of pitching an article. Most of the websites are happy to accept contributions from writers. If you do not get the opportunity for paid writing, then try getting in a few free guest posts to initially build your credibility.

I hope this was a helpful piece. If you still have any queries, then drop in a message and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading. I am Shikhil Vyas, a professional content writer, and a writing coach. I help people work on their writing skills and also guide them in navigating the content writing industry.

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