The One Thing You Need To Know To Have A Good Life


Repeat this word. Remember this word. Etch it in your mind. This single word doesn’t look so fancy but trust me, it can do wonders for you. This is the only thing you need to know to have a good life.

Now since I’ve answered the question you all came here for, you can go away and scroll through other stories. Or, you can stay here for a little longer while I try to explain what do I mean by this word ‘Balance’.

What is ‘Balance’ supposed to mean?

By saying ‘Balance’, I simply mean to keep things proportionate. The universe works on the principles of law of equality: The energy is never created or destroyed, it is only transformed; equal and opposite reaction for every action; and laws like that. So it makes sense to align ourself with the working of the universe.

Whatever you do in life, try to maintain a balance in it. Find the sweet spot where things are porportionate. Just like this seesaw above, if you put weight on any side, it will come crashing down. However, to remain afloat, you need to maintain weight on both the sides. Having a good life is simply staying afloat by keeping things in balance.

What does ‘Balance’ mean for me?

To make things clear, let’s discuss few practical examples. These real-life scenarios will help you relate to the concept better. What does ‘Balance’ mean for you? Find out yourself-

  • You don’t need to work 12-14 hours a day, just because your company is paying you a fat pay cheque at the end of each month. You need to socialize. You need to travel. You need to be physically active. You need your peace of mind. You need balance.
  • School-going children shouldn’t be presssured into solely focussing on academics. They might get a good job but they won’t be able to sustain it. Kids need to learn social, interpersonal, analytical, and problem solving skills. Kids need balance.
  • To run a successful business, you cannot focus only on your product. You need to market the product, you need to provide after-sale services, you need to make contacts, and so on. You need balance.
  • A soccer player does not focus only on his ball-kicking abilities. He also works on his positioning while on pitch. He works to understand his fellow players’ gameplay. He works on his health. A successful soccer player is a well-rounded athlete. He is well-balanced.

The next time you have a task or a decision on your hands, make sure to keep things in balance. Because ‘Balance’ is the key to a good life.


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