The Letter – Final Chapter

The Letter – Final Chapter

“Great job you both. The case study you made on Deloitte was very well-researched and well presented. Good work,” Mrs. Sharma praised Yash & Shreya.

They were delighted to hear this. After the class, Shreya went to Yash and said, “Thanks Yash. You were the perfect partner to work with.”

“Thanks to you. It was you who made it possible,” Yash replied almost blushingly.

Over the course of the next few days, their friendship blossomed further. They would often hang out around the college campus.

Shreya was still oblivious to Yash’s love for her. But Yash was falling for her more with each passing day. Finally, he decided that he would confess his love.

“You need to let her know Yash. You need to tell her what she means to you,” Yash was talking to himself.

“But what if she starts hating me after this? What if I lose her even as a friend? I can’t afford that. I shouldn’t be too ambitious. It’s a big deal that she has become my friend. I should be happy with that only,” his internal dialogue continued.

“But come on Yash, for how long will you keep waiting? You have loved her since the day you joined this college. You’ll have to take the risk, you’ll have to be brave.”

“But how do I tell her? I sure can’t tell her directly. I will shit my pants if I were to confess to her in-person.”

“So, should I tell her over the phone?”

“But that would be inappropriate.”

“Maybe I can write her a letter. She once mentioned that she likes handwritten letters.”

“Yeah, I think that’d be a good idea.”

Yash then took a piece of paper and started writing everything that was in his heart. After multiple failed attempts, he finalized the letter.

All that was left now was to give it to Shreya.

He picked up the phone and sent a text, “Hi Shreya. Can you please meet me in the canteen in about an hour?”

“Hi Yash. Yeah sure. Let’s meet. I was anyway thinking of having a burger. Maybe you can give me a treat ;)” came the reply.

“Haha. Okay done. See you. :)”

The moment had finally come. Yash was anxious. He planned to give the letter to Shreya in the canteen.

He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t realize when the time passed. He received a message from Shreya telling him that she had already reached.

Yash hurried up and started running towards the canteen.

As he was crossing the road…. BAM!!!

He was hit by a speeding car.

For some time, he laid there motionless in a pool of blood until someone called the ambulance. Yash was then taken to the nearby hospital.

“Yash! Where are you? I’ve been waiting here for more than 30 minutes. I’ve already had one burger. You’ll have to pay for two burgers now. Come soon!” Shreya texted Yash.

She had no idea what had happened. After waiting for a while longer, she called Yash but he didn’t answer. She called once again and this time someone picked.

“Hey Yash! What’s wrong man? Where are you? I’ve been waiting for you at the canteen.”

“Hi Shreya. It’s Rahul, Yash’s roommate. Yash has met with an accident. We are at the local hospital right now. You should come here too.”

Shreya couldn’t believe what she just heard. She quickly ordered a cab and rushed to the hospital. On reaching there, she saw some of Yash’s friends. They all looked gloomy.

Shreya asked, “How did it happen? And how’s Yash now?”

“We don’t know yet. The doctors are attending to him right now,” came the reply.

Rahul, Yash’s roommate then stepped forward and said, “Shreya will you come with me for a moment?”

As they stepped aside, Rahul took out a letter from his pocket and gave it to Shreya, “I think Yash wanted you to have this. The doctors found this in his pocket and gave it to us. It has your name written on it.”

As Rahul handed the letter to Shreya, a doctor came out of the emergency room. Everyone gathered around him to enquire about Yash.

“We are really sorry. We couldn’t save him.” 

A drop-dead silence followed.

Shreya, unable to control her emotions, went outside.

At night, she opened the letter that Yash had written for her.

As she read the letter, tears rolled down her cheeks. She sat there the entire night re-reading Yash’s letter.

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