The Letter – Chapter 3

The Letter – Chapter 3

“Library. 10 am,” a WhatsApp text flashed on Yash’s phone. It was a text from Shreya!

After being paired for the Economics project, they had started spending a lot of time together. The library and the college canteen were their most common hangout spots.

On the last day before the project submission, they both were sitting in the canteen. Yash remembered vividly that it was in the same canteen where Shreya had asked for that bottle of ketchup.

He wondered how quickly things had changed. The same Yash who struggled to utter a single word in front of Shreya had now become quite comfortable around her.

“So what do you think of this final report? Do you think we would get good grades?” Shreya asked.


“Huh? Sorry, what were you saying?” Yash replied.

“I was saying that I can never understand why you zone out so often. What is it that you keep thinking about?” Shreya asked.

“I keep thinking about you,” Yash wanted to say but he just smiled and dodged her question.

“Anyhow, I was asking whether our case study is good enough or not. I am not sure if Mrs. Sharma will like it,” Shreya carried on.

“Don’t worry. I think we’ve done a decent job. And thanks to your father, we have some really valuable insights about Deloitte,” Yash replied.

“By the way Shreya, I wanted to ask you something,” Yash continued.

“Yeah, sure. Go ahead,” came the reply.

“Actually, the day you approached me after the Economics class, I was really surprised to see that you knew my name. I never thought a Miss Popular like you would know a geek’s name.”

“Come on Yash, I’m no Miss Popular. But yeah, I knew your name. I have known your name since the first day of college.”

Yash was quite surprised to hear this. He said, “But how?”

“Actually, I saw you at the registration office on the first day of college. I was also in the same room waiting for my turn. That day, I saw you sitting across me. You were looking quite peculiar but you also looked kind of cute. Then someone called you and that’s how I figured your name.”

“That’s some story!” Yash said while trying to sound normal. Inside, he was dancing with joy.

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