The Letter – Chapter 2

The Letter – Chapter 2

“Roll numbers B13 and B20?” a middle-aged lady said aloud.

“Yes ma’am,” Shreya and Yash stood up.

“It’ll be you two,” the lady replied.

“Okay ma’am,” they both nodded and sat down.

Mrs. Sharma, the Economics teacher, then continued calling out some random roll numbers. She was making pairs for an upcoming assignment.

Each pair was given a different topic and they all had to create a detailed case study on the given topic. Yash and Shreya were to create a case study on Deloitte.

Yash was more nervous than excited. He couldn’t believe his luck but he was scared as hell because now he had to talk to Shreya. And he was never comfortable around women, let alone someone he was in love with.

“Hi, Yash. So how do you want to approach this project?” Shreya reached out to Yash after the class was over.

Yash got conscious on hearing Shreya call out his name. He never even expected Shreya to know his name. 

“How does she know my name? Wow, she knows my name? But why would the most popular girl in the class know my name?” Yash was lost in his thoughts.

“Yash?” Shreya said when Yash didn’t reply to her first question.

“Hi, ummm. Sorry, ummm. We can do it in whatever way you want,” Yash managed to barely speak these words.

“Okay, so I was thinking we could split the responsibilities. I am not too good at research. So I was hoping if you could take over the research part. My dad has some connections at Deloitte so I can get in touch with someone from the company and gather some data for the case study. Will that be okay with you?” Shreya asked Yash.

“Yeah, okay,” Yash replied.

“Cool! Why don’t you share your phone number with me? It’ll be easier for us to connect and talk about the assignment. You are on WhatsApp right?” Shreya asked.

“This is getting too much now. I need to pinch myself. This can’t be real. This must be a dream. How can Shreya ask for my number? It ought to be a dream,” Yash had again zoned out.

“Yash?” Shreya said.

“Huh?” Yash looked puzzled.

“Your phone number?”

“Yeah sorry. Here it is.”

“Cool! I’ve given you a missed call. You can save that as my number. See you!”

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