The Letter – Chapter 1

The Letter – Chapter 1

“Excuse me! Can you please pass me the ketchup?” Shreya asked.

Yash was sitting at the table next to Shreya’s. Upon realizing that she was talking to him, he quickly picked the ketchup bottle and handed it to her.

“Thank you,” Shreya replied.

Yash remained quiet. He just nodded and smiled at her politely.

Shreya then returned to her table and resumed talking to her friends.

“Damn you fool! You should have at least said something,” Yash rebuked himself.

That had been the case with Yash and Shreya for more than 2 years. They barely went beyond exchanging pleasantries even though they were in the same class.

The reason probably being the striking difference in their personalities.

Yash was the smartest guy in the class. He scored the highest marks and aimed to get into research after completing his education. He wasn’t very popular with other people because of his introverted nature and preferred to spend most of his time with books. 

Shreya, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. She had joined this college only because her parents wanted her to graduate. She was naturally charming and hence, quite popular in college. She planned to start her own business after college and just getting by in academics was enough for her.

But here’s something that Shreya didn’t know – Yash was secretly in love with her.

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