The Good Old Days

The Good Old Days

“Wake up Rahul. Why are you still sleeping?” came a voice from the kitchen.

“Mom, it’s Sunday. Let me sleep. I don’t have school today.” Rahul replied in a lazy tone.

“So what? It’s 9 am already beta. Wake up or else I’ll ask your dad to wake you.”

“Ughh, mom. This is not fair.” Rahul complained as he woke up rubbing his eyes.

“Good boy. Now quickly freshen up and have your breakfast. I’ve made Aloo Paranthas for you.”

“Wow, mom. You are not so bad after all,” Rahul teased his mom before rushing to take a bath.

As Rahul was sitting in front of the TV, his mother asked “Have you started doing your homework Rahul?”

“Not yet, mom. I will do it after this episode of Tom & Jerry.”

“Okay, but do it before you go out to play in the evening. I want to hear no excuses about your homework.”

“Haan Maa. But let me watch my cartoons right now.”

“By the way, what are you making for lunch mom?”

“Mom? Are you there? Why are you not replying? Mom?”

And with that, Rahul’s eyes opened. Waking up from his sleep, he realized how all of it was just a dream.

The only thought in Rahul’s mind was, “How much I miss the good old days.”

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