The Beginning

The Beginning

“So, where are you from?” said Kartik.

“I’m from Kota, Rajasthan,” replied Ajay.

“Cool. But what are you doing here in a private college? Shouldn’t you be in some IIT?” said Kartik in a sarcastic tone.

“Yeah, right. Like everyone from Kota goes to an IIT only,” Ajay replied in a slightly irritated manner.

“Calm down man. I was just pulling your leg.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Ajay said while rolling up his eyes.

He continued, “And where are you from?”

“I’m from Delhi. Nice to meet you,” came the reply from Kartik.

Ajay was still miffed. He replied in a brash tone, “Well, I can’t say it’s been a pleasure.” 

“Registration IDs 1023 & 1024?” they suddenly heard a voice.

“Yes sir,” Ajay and Kartik spoke in unison.

It was the hostel warden waiting for them in his cabin. 

“Here, take this key. You both have been allotted room 103 in the B-wing,” said the warden while handing them the key to their room.

“Perfect. Now, I’ll have to share a room with this dumbass,” Ajay thought.

They picked up their bags and started moving towards their room. As they were getting down the stairs, Ajay slipped. 

His bag fell off the stairs and just as he was also about to fall, Kartik held him firmly and saved him from falling.

“Hey, careful!” Kartik said.

“Thanks, man. I would have injured myself badly if not for you. Thanks,” Ajay replied.

“It’s all right man. Since we’ll be staying away from our homes, we’ll have to learn to look out for each other.”

And they both smiled as if they sensed it was the beginning of a new friendship.

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