Tenets of Happiness

These are the 5 basic tenets of happiness.

1. Be present

What’s the point of being alive if you cannot stop for a moment and marvel at life. Breathe. Be in the moment. Be here. 

2. Be grateful

Life is not a bed of roses. But you have a lot of things going well for you. Acknowledging them every once in a while will change your perspective towards life.

3. Help someone

You have lived a life of purpose if you can comfort even a single soul. And a life of purpose is a happy life.

4. Build good relationships

Relationships are the foundation of our well-being. If you have people around you to share your joys and sorrow with, you are privileged.

5. Do something you enjoy

Spare some time to do things that you enjoy doing, things that make you feel good. This, in essence, is the foundation of self-love.

That’s it. Happiness isn’t as obscure as we tend to make it.

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