Stop Expecting

Let’s stop expecting our friends or family to be available for us at all times.

We are often so engrossed in our own lives that we forget that they have their lives too.

You might be going through a tough phase. But who’s to say they are not going through something similar or even worse?

Why are your problems more important than theirs?

The thing is – each one of us has something or other to deal with. While some may be struggling with their jobs, others may have health issues or relationship problems.

When we expect others to be available for us at all times, it reeks of entitlement. It suggests that we are too selfish to care about other people’s lives.

I’ve seen many people getting angry with their friends or family for similar reasons.

We are all grown-ups here. Can we please be more understanding towards each others’ circumstances?

Can we please be happy for simply having some people in our life, without having huge expectations from them?

Most importantly, can we start being there for people instead of only expecting it from others?

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