I love SRK but not his idea of love.

I absolutely love SRK. I love the characters he has played. I love the movies he has been a part of. Yet, the idea of love that his characters portray is something that I don’t endorse.

Most of us associate SRK with a kind of love that is very passionate and intense. Watching him on screen, we feel like falling in mad love ourselves.

It’s even come to a point that our popular media has made us believe that if a relationship is not all-consuming then it’s not based on love. Our movies, TV series, and videos constantly project this idea that if you are not madly in love then it’s not true love.

Romantic movies have this common theme where our hero moves away from the heroine only to later realize that he cannot be happy with anyone else.

This looks good on the screen as it caters to our emotional sides. However, in real-life, this only breeds toxic and abusive relationships.

By watching crazy love on screen we wish to have that kind of love in our real lives as well. We do crazy big gestures; we obsess over a person; we abandon all our personal dreams and goals to instead do things for the one we consider our true love.

However, unlike in movies, our actions in real-life have real consequences.

There are so many people who stay in abusive and toxic relationships just because they believe that they love the other person. We are so blinded by the idea of love that we forget to see the other person for what they are. 

It has even been shown in research that all-consuming love is coupled with a brain chemistry similar to that of people addicted to cocaine.

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