Social Status

Why should you stay away from chasing social status?

Unfortunately, in our country, we put a lot of focus on achieving social status.

We want to own big houses, buy expensive cars, or get high-ranking government jobs. These things are not bad. But desiring these things only because of their social status is what makes it problematic.

We make ends meet and take huge loans to get big houses or expensive cars. We put pressure on our kids to get government jobs or clear competitive exams. We worship those people who are in power irrespective of whether they are good human beings or not.

We do all this only because of the social status associated with these things. Why do you think the marriages in our country are the most extravagant? Why do you think people buy iPhones even when they can’t afford them?

We need to understand that chasing social status is not a game worth playing. We end up sacrificing so much that the end result is not worth it.

Our lives could be much more happier and fulfilling if we started focusing on the merit of things instead of their social status.

So, instead of forcing your kids to only get a government job, maybe let them explore what they are good at. Instead of buying a super fancy car just for the sake of it, maybe get a car that fulfills your needs and fits your budget.

Remember, you don’t have to buy a house just because your friend bought one. Introspect and understand your own needs.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Social status does not ensure happiness. You can have less and still be happy.

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