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Today I am going to talk about social media and communication. See, social media is making us terrible communicators. Now, you might think that isn’t social media supposed to simplify communication? I believe that must have been the thought behind it, but it’s a little more complicated than that and there’s more to it.

There are two major aspects of it. The first is the virtuality. The virtual nature of social media makes it feel less real. What happens is that interacting with a black screen is much different than interacting with a person in real life. And that is probably the reason you might have seen many people out there who are quite vocal on social media but fail to create a similar kind of connection with people in real life.

At this point of time, I’ll have to admit that I’m also one of those people. But I’m trying to work on it.

The second aspect is, this virtuality is compounded by the fact that we only share our highlights on social media, only the good parts of our lives. This emphasises a false belief that there is no place for fears, vulnerabilities, or failures on social media. And that is far from the truth.

What I’m trying to establish here is,

We must not be scared to show our vulnerable sides when on social media. Now, this is the important part. I’m not asking you to fill peoples’ timelines with your sad stories. Because quite frankly, that would be terrible and you must not blame that on me.

It’s actually a healthy practice when you are able to show a little bit of vulnerability in front of a virtual audience.

Second of all, when you are too polished, when you are too perfect, you start looking more like a product and less like a human. We are humans and we have our flaws. When you display those flaws in front of other people, they are able to relate more to it. In this way, not only you become more likeable but you’ll also be able to help a lot of people out there who don’t have the courage to actually speak about these things openly. So you can be a symbol of hope for those people.

I’ll sign it off with this one thing that

‘It’s okay to not use that filter. It’s okay to post that imperfect on Instagram.’

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