Social Comparison

Social media makes it easy to fall into the comparison trap.

Looking at people visiting cool places, eating fancy dishes, or wearing stylish clothes makes us feel as if we are missing out on life.

We start feeling as if we are the only ones living a boring life while everyone else is making the most out of it.

If you also feel like this then here’s a gentle reminder for you.

Someone’s social media activity does not reflect their reality.

Some of the happiest people I know, rarely share anything on social media. On the contrary, some of the most unfulfilled people often hide behind fancy social media posts.

The point is –

Always take social media with a pinch of salt. 

Always remember that looks can be deceiving.

And if you still feel yourself comparing your life to those on social media, repeat this after me – 

“I do not know of this person’s struggles. I do not know of their full reality. They are not better than me. I am not better than them.

We all are dealing with stuff of our own.”

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