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Welcome to another edition of Simpler Sundays. This is the fourth newsletter in the weekly series I started only a few weeks back. If you’d like any of your friends or family to subscribe to this newsletter, you can share this link. That said, let’s begin this week’s newsletter.

If you follow my Instagram, you’d be aware that this week was all about gardening for me. I picked up this new hobby and I hope to stick with it.

Since I’ve been away from home for 8 years now, a time-demanding activity like this was never possible for me. But due to this lockdown, I finally have some time on my hands to pursue gardening.

From the surface, it looks like an easy thing to do. But I believe that’s what makes it wonderful. We tend to underrate such simpler activities in life.

What I realized from my brief experience is that the simple task of tilling the soil is therapeutic. While doing it, I have my full focus on completing this task. I don’t think of office deadlines, I don’t worry about my social media feed, and I don’t get distracted by my phone notifications. All I care about at that moment is tilling the piece of land. Doing this simple task is kind of liberating for me.

And here’s the thing; not just gardening but every hobby has the same effect.

  • Ask anyone who is into cooking, and they will tell you how satisfying it is to make something using raw ingredients.
  • Ask someone who is into art and they’ll tell you how amazing it feels to create something on a blank piece of paper.
  • Ask a writer how proud they feel after conjuring up an article out of nothing.

Hobbies are simple and that’s why hobbies are amazing. Anyone can cook, dance, paint, sing, or write. Unless you are doing it professionally, anyone can do it.

This lockdown has allowed people to explore their interests and hobbies. These days my social media feed is full of new chefs, artists, singers, and dancers.

It shouldn’t have taken a pandemic for people to indulge in their creative pursuits. But now that we are here, we must continue doing it even after things become normal again.

These might be simpler things. But they are so essential for our mental well-being and happiness.

So, have you picked up any hobby during this lockdown? I would love to hear from you. Simply reply to this email to start a conversation.

The Good Word

As you might know, the ‘Good Word’ is a series showcasing my favorite quotes/phrases from other writers. So, here’s this week’s Good Word.

“How to find your purpose? It’s not about some great achievement, but merely finding a way to spend your limited amount of time well.”

– Mark Manson

VyasSpeaks Featured Post

This week’s featured post is about acceptance. Before this whole Corona thing, I attended a public speaking event. Being among the attendees there made me realize the value of acceptance. I have talked about the same in this post.

I hope you enjoy this. Read the article by clicking the links below.

It’s Time to Accept That You Are Not Good Enough

That’s all for this week. I’ll see you next Sunday.

Stay safe and take care.

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Shikhil Vyas

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