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This week, we are talking about ‘Personal Branding’. With so much noise on the internet, there comes a need for you to stand out from the crowd. That’s what personal branding can help you achieve – Your individual identity on the internet.

Why should I bother about building a personal brand?

Your personal brand is what people associate you with when they think of you. Below are a few examples of what we associate these people with –

  • Elon Musk – Entrepreneur, Engineer, Innovator.
  • Mukesh Ambani – Business Magnate.
  • Mark Manson – Best-selling Author.
  • Shah Rukh Khan – Actor.
  • Gary Vee – Marketing Guru.

Whenever you hear these names or search for them on Google, you will instantly get an idea about what these people are all about. This is because they have built a strong personal brand.

Compare this to someone like John. Although John works at Microsoft and earns a good amount of money, not many people will instantly recognize him. Even if you search on Google, you wouldn’t find out much about John. His digital identity is still associated with his employer, Microsoft. This is an example of a weak personal brand.

Personal branding is thus about how you present yourself to the world through the work you do. A strong personal brand for John would mean that people recognize him as a Software Engineer rather than just an employee of Microsoft. Similarly, a weak personal brand for Shah Rukh Khan would mean that people only recognize him as some actor who works in movies and not as The Shah Rukh Khan.

But creating a personal brand is not an easy task. So, why bother creating a personal brand? Here’s why –

Personal brand boosts your reputation by projecting you as an expert in a particular field. When people see you as an expert, they want to associate with you and do business with you. With a strong personal brand, your word seems more authoritative.

Let’s consider this as an example. If you were to ask someone for help in writing, you’d rather go to a person whom you consider as an expert.

But how did you determine if this person was an expert? You did it by checking out his work, by checking out his social profiles, and based on what you found on the internet.

Expert insight

To get some more insights about personal branding, I reached out to Dev Matharia, who is a mentor as well as someone whom I look up to.

Dev has managed to build a solid personal brand as a Content Marketing expert. Through his Website and Instagram, Dev has created a strong online presence. This is what he had to say about personal branding –

The way we do business has transformed post Covid. There was never a better time to build a personal brand online than now, today, right at this moment. If people come to you again and again for something, choose that. Figure out who you want to serve and monetize. Think of where your personal brand would be a year from now if you start today. Building a personal brand starts from you and turns into the transformation you can bring about with your work.” – Dev Matharia

That’s all for this week. Next week, I’ll take up another question and try to share my perspective on it.

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