Passion or Opportunity

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As I said in my previous email – During the time off, I will analyze the trajectory of this newsletter and come up with a new format.

So, starting this week, I would be going with a question-type format. Each week, there will be a question that I will try to answer and this question will be the theme for the respective week.

This week, we are talking about passion and market opportunities. So, let’s get started.

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Should I follow my passion or should I follow the opportunities the market offers?

This is a question that I’ve often struggled with and I suppose many others struggle with as well. When we are starting out, we are unaware of which path to follow. Whether to follow our passion or whether to follow an opportunity that is in front of us. Here’s what I think.

It’s good to have a passion but what’s the use of passion if you cannot use it to put food on your plate?

There are too many hungry artists in the world. At the same time, there are too many untapped opportunities.

Your first aim should be to reach a point of stability in life. Once you are financially stable, you can have a lot more control over your time.

Don’t neglect your passion though. Keep working on it. Just don’t make it your only path.

Develop rare and valuable skills that fulfill a demand in the market. Instead of being just another singer, writer, or dancer, maybe you can fulfill a very specific market need.

Once you reach a point of stability, it becomes easier to follow your passions.

Consider this passion hierarchy.

Take care of the basics first and you’ll find it much easier to follow your passion.

Here’s a relatable example – The super famous Yashraj Mukhate (from the Rasode Mein Kaun Tha Fame) is a really talented musician. But despite all his skills, he didn’t receive much fame until he became viral for the ‘Rasode Mein Kaun Tha’ jingle.

Such a catchy jingle man ❣

We already had memes in the market but Yashraj introduced video-based memes. He saw a market opportunity and created something unique and valuable.

Now after receiving millions of followers on his social accounts, he is in a place where he can pursue his passion for music. Now it will be much easier for him to launch his original songs than it would have been without all the followers.

As for myself, I love writing self-help content. But there are too many self-help writers out there in the world. If I had to rely on writing self-help to earn my livelihood then I would probably be starving.

Luckily, I found a market opportunity for technical content writing. It not only aligns with my skillset but also pays decently. Taking away the worry of earning my livelihood, it becomes easier for me to follow my love for writing self-help.

That is what Simpler Sundays and VyasSpeaks are all about – An effort to inspire others by writing what I love to write.

I hope this answers the question well. If you’d like to discuss more on it then reply to this email. I’m always up for a good conversation.

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