The Power of Storytelling

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For our ancestors, the fireplace used to be an important space. After a day of hunting and gathering, all the members of the family would sit around the fireplace and talk. They would tell each other stories of their hunts and other experiences.

For adults, these stories would act as a way of learning more about each other while for the young, these stories used to act as guiding lights. These stories would give them important lessons to implement in life.

The same stories were also painted on the cave walls or written in scriptures which we revere so highly these days.

That is why stories make so much sense from an evolutionary perspective. We have evolved to live on stories.

There’s a reason why so much money is put in movies. There’s a reason why we love to listen to public speakers who tell us stories. There’s a reason the most successful writers are also the best storytellers.

Stories are a way of learning as well. Stories can be used to teach us. Our ancestors used to incorporate elements of geography, economy, history, and science in their stories as a means of teaching people these subjects.

Even science relies on stories. All the data that scientific research gives us is only useful until it makes a story. E.g. – Whatever scientific calculations and research that Newton did were only to prove a story that there’s a thing called the gravitational force.

Last week, I tried my hand at fiction writing. As a writer, I have written different genres and topics but it was the first time that I was trying fiction. I wrote 5 short stories in 5 days as a sort of personal challenge.

While going through the same, I realized the power of storytelling.

Moreover, writing fiction is an altogether different ball game since one needs a lot more creative ability to come up with stories and to create characters. I had a lot of fun creating these stories.

If you haven’t yet read these short stories then you can check them out below. I’ve linked all the five stories below.

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