The Charm of the Mundane

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One of my absolute favorite channels on YouTube is Fairyland Cottage. The channel is run by a woman who stays in a countryside cottage in Wicklow, Ireland. What makes Niamh (the woman who runs the channel) special is how she makes the ordinary look special. The way she brings out the charm in doing the most mundane things is inspiring.

Let me explain.

Her content focusses on simple living. She promotes a sustainable lifestyle and through her videos and blogs, she teaches how to live a simple, natural, and healthy life.

Living in a countryside cottage, she not only cooks all her food but also grows it. This is what her blog description says,

“Here you will find information and inspiration on living simply, from healthy recipes to homemade natural products to DIY to zero waste.”

But why am I telling you this?

Because as I said before, she makes ordinary look special. Cooking your food, growing your food, and living a simple life in a faraway cottage doesn’t seem like a thing many people would like to watch.

But as her 2,31,000 subscribers would attest, that is not the case. As a viewer, you’d be spellbound watching her videos. I, personally, consider her videos as some sort of therapy.

Her soothing voice, the natural soundscape of her cottage, and the calming visuals make her videos a different kind of experience.

In a way, her videos promote a similar kind of idea that I do with my writings – The beauty of a simpler life.

Also, we are a generation that believes in instant gratification. If we want food, all we need to do is to tap on Swiggy. If we want to buy something, we only need to visit Amazon. If we are looking for love, we only need to swipe right.

In a fast-moving world like ours, seeing Niamh slowly doing her chores, growing her food, preparing the ingredients, and cooking a meal makes for a refreshing experience.

So, taking some inspiration from Fairyland Cottage, we can also learn to enjoy the mundane in our lives. Here’s how:

  • Try to prepare your meal. If not every day, then at least try once or twice a week. The process of slowly cooking something from some raw ingredients will have a calming impact on you.
  • Do gardening. You don’t necessarily need to create a big garden as such. Even something as small as growing a few plants in your balcony will do. The thing with gardening is that it teaches you incredible patience. The plants take a lot of time to grow, but when you eventually see the benefits of your hard work, you get a sense of deep satisfaction. Moreover, you’ll automatically learn to be more patient in other areas of your life. Remember, patience is a superpower when you are living in a world where it is a rarity.
  • Start inculcating moments in your life where you don’t do anything. Learn to be okay in deliberately taking some time off. The productivity Gurus will ask you to not waste even a single moment. The social media will try to pressure you into believing that everyone else around you is moving ahead. Even your mind will tell you that you are wasting time. But instead of thinking of it as wasted time, you need to see it as the time to replenish. Productivity has its own place, but such moments of nothingness have their own value in your life. So, go ahead and maybe sit in the balcony while drinking a cup of tea. Maybe take a walk in the park nearby. Maybe just catch up with an old friend or a relative.

I hope also you manage to find charm in the mundane.

The Good Word

As you might know, the ‘Good Word’ is a series showcasing my favorite quotes.

So, here is this week’s Good Word:

“That man is the richest whose pleasures are the cheapest.”

– Henry David Thoreau

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Happy friendship day to all. This week’s featured post is about friendship.

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