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Hi there,

I remember last year when I was going through an article online, I read a piece of advice related to email marketing. The writer of that article was a successful blogger who had made a living out of his writing. While sharing his experiences, he highlighted the importance of building an email list* because it acts as a direct communication link between a writer and his readers.

It was not until I subscribed to a few newsletters myself that I realized how wonderful a newsletter** can be. While your voice may get lost amid the noise of social media, emails are sacred territories. If someone lets you inside their email inbox, it means they trust you to offer something valuable.

I also realized how personalized an email can be. I enjoyed reading my favorite writers online but getting their emails in my inbox helped form a deeper connection. Most of the writers I adore share personal anecdotes through their emails which they don’t usually put out in their online articles. In that sense, an email newsletter felt like a personalized letter from my favorite writers.

Another major benefit of an email newsletter is that various writing platforms may change their policies anytime. This means having an email newsletter is like an insurance policy so that you can always be connected with your readers.

So, here I am.

After months of deliberation (I mean after months of chickening out), I finally decided to commit to a weekly newsletter. So here’s presenting you my weekly newsletter, Simpler Sundays.

Simpler Sundays

Thank you for showing faith in my work and subscribing to this newsletter. I hope I can keep providing you immense value through this weekly newsletter.

Specifically, it is aimed at giving you a dose of relaxed reading at the end of each week.

But why Sunday? Well, it makes sense to send this newsletter at a time when you are about to end the week and begin the next week. Just like one enjoys reading some calming stories before going to bed, my newsletter aims to provide you a gentle dose of relaxation and inspiration before you take on a new week.

That said, this newsletter will evolve as we move ahead in this journey together.

The Good Word

Each week, I’ll be sharing with you an inspirational quote/phrase from some other writer. I affectionately call it ‘The Good Word’. Here’s your Good Word for the week,

Whatever your passion, don’t stop believing in it. Our creative passions bring meaning and pleasure into our lives, and often the lives of others.

– John P. Weiss

VyasSpeaks Featured Post

Coming to the most important part, each week I’ll be sharing a post from my own blog.

This week’s featured post is my recent article where I talk about keeping hope alive during this pandemic. I share the story of an old man who displayed hope during the second world war. There’s a lot that we all can learn from him. Read the article by clicking the link below.

Hope in the Age of Coronavirus

That’s all for this week. I’ll see you next Sunday.

Stay safe and take care.

With love,
Shikhil Vyas

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