Simple Writing

“You write in a very simple manner. Although it makes your content easy-to-understand and relatable, shouldn’t you be using a more fancy language like other writers?”

I was asked this question recently on a podcast I was invited to. And this is something that I suppose many people have misconceptions about.


This is something that I’ve learned from many big bloggers and published authors. Writing is just a means. Your goal is to inform, help, educate, inspire, or entertain your readers. It’s not to impress them with your fancy vocabulary.

Sure, use it if brings beauty to your writing but don’t use it just for sake of using it. When your focus is on building a connection with your readers, you rarely worry about whether you are using a fancy language or not.

Many beginner writers make this mistake where they overcomplicate things. When we look at the biggest writers on the planet, we realize that it’s not how they write but the ideas they present that make them so popular.

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