Simple Strategy

Whenever I struggle with something, I use a simple strategy that helps me deal with the problem.

I believe it can be helpful for you as well.

In life, you will face situations where things won’t happen the way you want them to, leaving you disappointed and frustrated.

Situations like –

• Heartbreak
• Financial loss
• Physical injury
• Death of a loved one
• Rejection from a dream job

In most such cases, you will have no control over your circumstances.

As much as there is beauty in life, we cannot ignore that life isn’t exactly a bed of roses either.

No matter who you are, life will put you in uncomfortable situations. That’s just the way it is.

And although you may have no control over your circumstances, you do have control over how to react to it.

That’s the essence of the strategy I am talking about here.

You can either keep crying over your circumstances or you can accept your reality.

Instead of always playing the blame game, you can instead look for a way forward.

That’s what I try to do when in situations like these.

I simply ask myself – “What’s the best I can do right now?”

That’s it. That’s the strategy I use.

It might sound very simple but it’s actually rooted in acceptance. When you ask yourself this question, you accept your circumstances and think of a way ahead.

If you’ve been rejected from your dream job, the best you can do is to analyze what went wrong and start searching for a new job.

If you are facing a financial crisis, the best you can do is to figure out means of earning some money.

If you’ve lost a loved one, the best you can do is to comfort those around you.

Dwelling in the past will do you no good.

You need to figure out a way to move forward.

You need to ask yourself, “What’s the best I can do right now?

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