Simple Advice

Most life advice is simple. Not necessarily easy but simple.

Wake up on time. Exercise regularly. Eat healthy. These are simple pieces of advice that are not so simple to follow.

That’s the case with almost every situation in life. In most cases, our solutions lie in following the most basic steps.

So when facing any difficult situation, start by focusing on the fundamentals.

Want to write a book? Sit in front of a computer and write every day. Want to lose weight? Exercise regularly.

Want to pick up a new skill? Learn and practice every day. Want to improve your communication skills? Talk to people every day.

Don’t disregard the simple advice by branding it as a cliché. The reason it’s a cliché is because it works.

They worked for people who came before you. They will work for people who will come after you.

So appreciate the simple things. They might be simple but they are powerful.

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