How do you talk to yourself?

I ask this because how you talk to yourself determines how you feel about yourself.

It’s difficult to be confident and calm if you only indulge in negative self-talk.

“I am not good enough.”
“I will end up making a fool of myself.”
“Why did I say such a stupid thing?”

We often say things like these without ever considering the impact of such harsh words on our self-esteem.

But if this negative self-talk becomes a habit, it starts affecting our mood and overall happiness.

That is why it’s important to be be mindful of what we say to ourselves.
Instead of being our biggest critics, we must be our biggest supporters.

We must think less about what can go wrong and more about what can go right.
Turn “I am not good enough” into “It’s okay even if I am not good enough. At least, I’ll get to learn something new.”
Turn “I will end up making a fool of myself” into “What’s the worse that can happen? It doesn’t matter even if I end up making a fool of myself. Who cares!”
Turn “Why did I say such a stupid thing” into “It was not the right thing to say. I’ll be more thoughtful next time.”

In this way, only a small change in your attitude will bring a significant difference in your life.

Also, always remember this –
In life, you’ll meet plenty of people who will try to pull you down.
You must not become one of them.

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