I was rejected for a job that I wanted so badly – Here’s what I learned from it.

It was earlier in my career when I wasn’t into writing. As a fresh graduate, I was desperately looking for jobs. 

Going for walk-ins, sending multiple emails, and searching through job portals was how I spent most of my time.

After multiple applications, rejections, and 2 months of job search, I finally got an interview call from a good organization.

It was for a post I thought I was well-suited for. Although very nervous, I was a bit confident about getting the job. 

Luckily, even the interview went well. I got more confident after it.

But, as fate would have it, I was rejected. AGAIN.

I kept waiting for a call that never came. 

This rejection felt more heavier and brutal than the multiple rejections I had received in the past 2 months.

I felt distraught. I had never doubted myself like this before. It was a new territory for me. 


But here’s the thing – Life works in mysterious ways.

After only a few days, I got an opportunity to appear for another interview in the same organization. It was for a different department and the perks were better.

This time, I cracked the interview and got the job.

After a few months of working there, I came to know about the job that I was rejected for.

As it turned out, I was rejected because the organization had made budget cuts. The said department, therefore, couldn’t pay the salary that they had advertised earlier.

So they instead hired an intern and not a full-time employee. All my self-doubt was thus unfounded.

That day, I learned an important lesson. I learned that rejections do not define us.

We fear rejections. We overthink our rejections.

More often than not, when rejected, we start doubting ourselves. We start questioning our abilities.

But things are rarely that straightforward. Behind any rejection, there can be multiple factors at play.

What we see as a direct attack on our self-worth might actually have nothing to do with us.

This stands true for all sorts of rejections, whether professional or personal.

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