Please Stop Doing This

Can we please stop doing this on social media?

Well, today’s post is less about personal growth and more about social media etiquette.

While I understand that social media is still fairly new for us, there is something that really annoys me. 
What’s that?

Let me explain through a scenario that you might also be familiar with. You might have seen random people sliding into your DMs and asking you to like their page, like their posts, or buy their products or whatnot.

While there is nothing wrong with self-promotion, it’s annoying when someone does it without putting in any effort.

I’m talking about people you never even talk to but who still show up in your DMs asking you to like or follow something. Such people never engage with your content but they expect you to engage with theirs.

This reeks of entitlement.

For those who do it, please understand that this is not how social media works.

Here’s basic social media etiquette –

Before asking for something, try giving something first.

Engage with others’ posts before expecting them to engage with yours. Deliver great value before expecting others to follow you. Make genuine conversations with people before sending them your posts or links.

If you really want to grow on social media, focus on building relationships first.

Give more than you ask for.

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