As the sun sets down, Deepak glances at his watch.

“I still have one hour left,” he says to himself.

After finishing up his work, Deepak leaves for his home.

“Deepak? Is that you beta?” a faint voice comes as Deepak opens the door of his house.

“Yes, Papa. It’s me only.”

“Why are you so late beta? Were you again working overtime?”

“Arre Papa, leave all this. You come to the kitchen. I will cook Paneer for you today.”

As Deepak enters the kitchen, a text message flashes on his cellphone.

“As a token of our appreciation for all the overtime you’ve been putting, we’ve decided to promote you to a senior role with a good pay hike and bonuses.”

“Now you’ll be able to get your father the cancer treatment that he needs.”

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