Why over-burdening ourselves with work is never the right approach?

We often take up a lot more work than we can handle with the hope that doing more will eventually be beneficial for us.

The common narrative is that unless someone works extremely hard, he/she won’t be able to achieve success.

Although that’s true to some extent and you need to hustle at times, it shouldn’t become your way of life.

We often try to focus on so many things that we forget to work on our core strengths. Over-burdening ourselves with menial tasks also takes a toll on our health and mental wellbeing.

Think of it like this. For a writer, the single most important skill is writing. But writers these days focus on so many things that they forget to work on their core strengths. They try to do podcasts, make videos, join multiple social media accounts, create designs, and whatnot.

Instead of trying to do everything, a better approach for writers would be to focus on one or two avenues that help hone their writing skills. That could mean only focusing on a single platform or a single high-value client.

So rather than over-burdening ourselves with multiple tasks, we can choose to focus on a few tasks that bring us the most value. The advice is simple – Don’t take in more than you can chew.

Focus on gradual and incremental progress.

Do less. Do what you can do better. Work on your strengths first.

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