Open Mind

Can we please keep an open mind towards each other? And can we please stay away from stereotyping each other?
When we interact with someone new, we often see only one aspect of their personality.
However, we start making assumptions about that person based on our limited understanding.
Here are a few examples –

  • We think of someone as stupid just because they can’t speak flawless English.
  • We call someone lazy just because they are overweight.
  • We make someone our icon just because they are popular on social media.

But humans are much more complex and nuanced. There’s so much more to someone’s personality than what we usually see in our brief interactions.

  • The one who cannot speak flawless English might be a genius in maths or science.
  • The one who’s overweight might actually be working twice as hard as you.
  • The one you consider as your icon because of their online popularity might actually be a terrible father or husband.

You know, our brain hates working hard. So, it always tries to jump to conclusions irrespective of how little data it has.
Once you are aware of it, you can start acknowledging your bias. 
You can try to steer away from jumping to conclusions.
You can keep an open mind.
Saying “I don’t know” is always a better option than making assumptions about someone.

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