Modern Day Heroes

“In an age awestruck by the glamorous Batmans and the Supermans, I find a common man to be the modern-day hero this world needs.”

VyasSpeaks - Modern Day Heroes

Common man a hero? It would seem a little unconventional if not completely insane, for someone to even entertain this notion. I mean, how can anyone compare this average looking, ordinary man to a hero? He doesn’t wear fancy suits, doesn’t possess super intelligence, doesn’t have any superpower, and is not even a billionaire. We haven’t seen him on TV, doing extraordinary things. By no means, he fits ‘our definition’ of a hero. I must be out of my mind to even think like this.

I agree with you. He doesn’t fit the bill. But I believe our whole idea of a hero is misplaced at best. Over the decades, it has been morphed by the influences of those big corporates, who only care about personal gains above everything else.

Instead of being carried away by the promises of the future, I believe that we need to look back at the reality that history has taught us. There was a time when the common man wasn’t looked down upon for his income but rather celebrated for the honesty and dignity with which he fulfilled his duties. Such hard working common men were the ones who laid the foundation of our great nation.
When I look around, I see people compromising with their morality to get some leeway in their career growth. Choosing what is profitable over choosing what is right has become the new normal. Every day we see ourselves complaining about the corrupt governments and the unfair practices without even realizing that it is our own doing. Everything is connected. Our little actions snowball into these scams we hear about every day.

That is the reason I believe that an honest common man could be the modern day Hero we need. We do not need someone flying around in a latex suit having superhero abilities. We need an honest Bank employee, an aspirational scientist, a just teacher, an alert security guard, and a supportive police officer. Just imagine what these modern day heroes could achieve. Maybe we wouldn’t have seen the PNB scam if some employee had reported it soon. Maybe we wouldn’t have seen so many rapes if people were more helpful and less judgemental.

We do not need heroes for display, we need heroes who can start a mass revolution from the bottom. It’s time we start celebrating those people who put their duty above everything else. These so-called boring looking people are the true gems. They are our real heroes.

And remember, don’t forget to say a small thank you whenever you come across one such hero.

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