Man vs Wild with PM Modi: Why this furore?

PM Modi on the popular TV show Man vs Wild; Image source: Financial Express

Personal opinion (probably unpopular)

I don’t see any issues with our PM appearing on Man vs Wild. I understand the furore over it as this is an uncharted territory. Mr. Modi has been to places where no other politician has ever been. Be that social media, radio, digital space, and what not. He has embraced all these so-called modern instruments with an open mind. That can only lead to a better understanding between us and those in power.

But that doesn’t mean I blindly support him. I just believe that we should be critical of him for things that really matter instead of these frivolous matters. Recently, the government passed the RTI amendment bill in the Lok Sabha. Activists who are well aware of the RTI act have been critical of this amendment. According to them, it’ll weaken transparency panels in the country. 

My point?
The TV show appearance is for awareness regarding environment conservation. Imagine the impact it would have when a hugely popular figure like Modi will talk about our forests and rivers.

On the other hand, what we should be criticising him for is the RTI Amendment Bill.The bill, which seeks to cripple the RTI Act, was passed without much discussion. BJP, clearly enjoying their majority in the parliament, is using their numbers to bring forth any law they seem appropriate without a thought of democracy.This is where our anger should be directed, not some TV show.

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