Like a Loser

I see everyone around me progressing in life. Some are getting good jobs, some are getting married, some are starting their own businesses, and some are traveling around the world. I feel like a loser when I see them. What should I do?

Here’s what you should do. Understand this simple thing first – Everyone has struggles. Life throws challenges at everyone. What you see or hear about other people are just the highlights of their lives.

The one getting a good job might have had to put in long nights to prepare for the job they’ve gotten. The one getting married might have family problems or financial problems.

The one starting his/her own business might be mortgaging his/her home to get the business started. The one traveling around the world might be suffering from heartbreak or family rejection.

See, the point is that no one lives a perfect life. When you see people share their highlights on social media, be happy for them instead of feeling bad about yourself.

Understand your worth and appreciate the things going well in your life. Someone’s success doesn’t mean your failure.

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