Left or Right

Left-wing or right-wing? Which side should I be on?

First of all, a disclaimer – The views mentioned here are my own. If they make sense to you, then well and good. If they don’t, then that’s fine as well. We all are entitled to our opinion (just not an uninformed opinion).

Personally, I don’t like the concept of labels. We are humans, not some items of clothing. ‘Left-wing’ or ‘Right-wing’ are just labels attached to our identities. These labels limit us and restrict our ability to express ourselves.

If you are a left-winger, you won’t support a person who follows a right-wing ideology irrespective of the good work he/she does, and vice versa.

While left- and right-wing ideologies are at two opposite ends of a spectrum, the real-life lies somewhere in between. Things are rarely dichotomous in real-life.

So a better approach is to take up issues on an individual basis rather than tying them to any ideology.

Here’s what I mean – Violence should be condemned and humanity should be revered, irrespective of where it’s coming from.

I see so many people defend some wrongdoings just because the person doing it follows the same ideology as they do.

Here’s something that you should always remember – Lies are easy; the truth is much more nuanced and complex. 

When you understand this, you’ll start seeing things as they are –  As not black or white and not left or right.

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