Learn To Pick Your Battles

Sooner or later you’ll need to learn to selectively pick your battles. You only have 24 hours in a day, and how you choose to spend those 24 hours will determine the kind of life that you have. Let’s take a few examples. Would you rather waste your time arguing with someone over social media over your political ideology or would you rather use this time to create the first draft of the article you want to write or the book that you’ve always wanted to write? Would you rather get sucked in the panic that has been created due to this coronavirus or would you rather use this time to self-reflect?

See, don’t get me wrong. I do understand that this is a grave human tragedy and we must do all in our power to take all the preventive measures that we can. But at the end of the day, there’s only a limit to what we can do about this disease. So instead, what if used this ‘work from home’ to pick up a new skill like writing, painting, singing? What if, instead of cribbing about the travel restrictions, we used this time to connect with people over a call or over the internet? We could use this time to educate ourselves better.

In the end, I only like to bring the focus to the main theme of this video which is, you need to learn to selectively pick your battles. The only question that remains is, are you willing to do it?

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