Last Night – Part 2

Last Night Part-2

[This is Part-2 of the story. Please watch Part-1 before watching this one.]

As Anuj slapped Akshat, there was a sudden silence in the room. Saksham looked at them both and realized that this might turn ugly.

Suddenly, in the fit of rage, Akshat turned around, picked up the flower vase from the table, and hit Anuj on his head.

Anuj started bleeding profusely and sat on the floor. 

“What have you done Akshat?” Saksham screamed.

As Saksham moved towards Anuj to have a look at his injury, Akshat suddenly took out a gun.

They both were shocked to see a gun in Akshat’s hand.

“What the hell Akshat! Why do you have a gun with you?” Saksham asked.

“I told you guys not to put your noses in my life. I am fine. I will be fine,” Akshat said with a bit of stutter. At this point, he was sweating a lot and his hands were shaking.

“Akshat, calm down. We are your friends. We are here only to help you,” Saksham tried to control the situation.

“I need no help. Why won’t you guys just listen to me,” Akshat cried loudly.

“But Akshat……….”

Boom! Boom! 

The gunshots echoed in the small room. 

Saksham and Anuj were now lying on the floor, with a pool of blood forming around them.

As soon as the realization hit Akshat, he dropped the gun on the floor. His emotions had got the best of him and now he was regretful of his actions.

Before he could react, he heard a voice. Probably someone had heard the gunshots and was now approaching the room.

Akshat couldn’t figure out what to do. Stupefied, he jumped out of the window and bolted into the forest.

He kept running into the wild until he got too tired and fell. He didn’t realize when he fell asleep.

“Where am I?” Akshat thought as he opened his eyes.

But last night’s flashback soon came to his mind. He thought that the police must have reached the resort now. So, instead of going back there, he decided to head home.

Finding his way out of the forest, he took a bus to his home.

“Hey beta, are you back? Where were you last night?” Akshat’s mom asked from her room.

“Just out with my friends,” Akshat replied and hurried back to his room.

Just as Akshat’s mom got out of her room to check on her son, her phone rang.

Saksham Calling’ flashed on her phone screen.

“Hey, aunty. How are you? And how’s Akshat? I haven’t seen him in a while. I heard he has been having some terrible schizophrenic attacks recently.”

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