Last Night – Part 1

Last Night Part-1

“Where am I?” Akshat thought as he opened his eyes.

He soon realized he was in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a dense forest for as far as the eyes could see.

It took him some time to recollect what had happened.

It was last night that he had separated from his friends. A flashback came to his mind.

“It’s enough Akshat. We can’t allow any more of this,” said Saksham. Anuj agreed. 

The three friends, Akshat, Saksham, and Anuj, had come to a jungle resort.

“We came to this place with the sole reason of getting your mind off things,” Saksham continued.

“For the past few weeks, you’ve been acting strange. You’ve not been picking our calls and as your mother told us, you aren’t even going to the office.”

“We are worried about you Akshat. Would you please tell us what’s wrong?”

“I’m fine guys. You need not worry. I’m okay. Just stop bothering me with these questions. And by the way, I didn’t want to come here. It only came here since you both were adamant,” came the reply from Akshat.

“But man, why won’t you tell us what’s wrong? We are your friends for god’s sake,” Anuj replied angrily.

This infuriated Akshat. He replied, “I didn’t ask for such friends. You guys can go to hell for all I care.”

Soon Akshat started making personal attacks on Saksham and Anuj.

“Saksham my friend, shouldn’t you be worrying about your failing business rather than putting your nose in my life.”

“And you Anuj. Shouldn’t you be worrying about your marriage rather than coming here with me? Everyone knows your wife is having an affair with Rohit.”

Hearing this, Anuj lost his temper and slapped Akshat. He said, “You ungrateful b**tard. We came all the way here to cheer you up and here you are, being so mean to us.”

[Wait for the second part to see what happened next.]

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