I don’t like Instagram anymore.

Although Instagram was never a place for writers to flourish, I still liked it for the visual appeal it had.

I also had the choice of customizing my feed by selectively following accounts that I genuinely appreciated.

I suppose this was the reason I chose Instagram as my primary social media handle. For other social media channels, I only repurposed the existing content from Instagram.

However, in the past year or so, Instagram has changed. Just as Tik Tok exited the market, Instagram decided to fill that void by becoming a Tik Tok itself.

Instagram is all about Reels and Stories now. Someone starts a new trend and for weeks everyone else keeps following the same trend. People just repost the same kind of content with the same music and the same template. Even the Stories are only full of reposts of these trending Reels. It can get annoying.

These days, even if I decide to unfollow such accounts, Instagram still suggests me Reels from these accounts in my feed. And I can’t get rid of stories either. Someone or the other would share such Reels in their stories.

So, that’s why I don’t like Instagram anymore. Not that it matters but yeah, I don’t like it. Personally, I think I’ll now start focusing primarily on Twitter.

Although Twitter is full of toxic content, I still have the option to customize my feed with only high-quality content. There are no Reels or Stories. Twitter also allows me to share links of my blogs and articles. Overall, it is a platform that favors writers.

So, if you like my content and would like to keep reading it then I’d suggest you follow me on Twitter (@VyasSpeaks). Coz one thing is for sure – I’ll be hanging out on Twitter a lot more than on Instagram.

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