How can minimalism simplify your expenses?

Here’s how minimalism can simplify your expenses.

Minimalism doesn’t ask you to live your life in scarcity. It’s more about intentionality. The focus is on getting quality rather than quantity.

Think of it like this: Each month you spend a significant amount of money on various monthly subscription services like Netflix, Prime, or whatnot. A good amount of your salary is spent on paying the EMIs for a gadget that you cannot afford. 

Minimalism asks you to first get rid of all these and then see for yourself what is most essential for you. Then be mindful of choosing one or two things that you think will bring the most value in your life. Think of a better return on investment activity. 

Rather than getting a video streaming service, you can choose to get an audiobook subscription instead. Rather than spending money on buying an Apple product that you cannot afford, you can choose to get a cheaper alternative that can do the same work for you. Rather than spending your money on food deliveries, you can choose to cook your own food. 

Remember, it is easier to cut your spending than increase your income.

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