Hidden Gems – Kaise Ho Tum

It’s been years since you both have gone separate ways. As much as you enjoyed each other’s company, over time it became increasingly difficult to stay together.

Then one fine evening while roaming in the park, your eyes spot that person. And within a moment, all those memories come back flooding.

You both notice each other, but none of you gathers the courage to speak first. Your eyes try to evade each other.

As much as you want to run away from this person, you can’t stop yourself from catching a glimpse, hoping to see them once.

“How have you been? Has life treated you well?”, you both want to ask.

But you can’t speak first. You can’t allow yourself to be seen as vulnerable. There’s no way you can tell this person that there are days when you miss them.

Within a few seconds, you lose the moment. You pass by without even acknowledging their presence.

You both act as if you’ve never seen each other. You let your ego stop you from acting how your heart wants to.

Soon, you both are out of each other’s sight. You want to turn around and look back once, but what if they catch you looking at them.

You can’t look vulnerable. Not now. So you continue going forward.

At night, when you are all alone in your bed, you think of what happened in the evening. The only thing that’s in your mind is, “What if I had spoken? What if?”

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