Happiness Is In The Present

Happiness is in the present.

If you are unhappy now, there’s a high probability that you’ll be unhappy later.

Getting a certain job, buying a certain item, or being with a certain person won’t make you happy. It might give you a bit of joy but it’ll be very brief.

In no time, all this will become your new normal. In no time, you’ll be looking at the next job, the next item to purchase, or the next person to be with.

What you need to understand is – If you cannot be happy with a little, you won’t be happy with more either.

We falsely assume that our happiness lies in getting our dream job, in buying our favorite items, or in being with people we are attracted to.

However, this is just a vicious cycle that most of us are stuck in. What we have is never enough for us. 

A simple solution is to acknowledge the present and live in it, instead of always dreaming about the future.

Happiness is not in the next job, the next purchase, or the next person. It’s in right now.

It’s in the people you are with right now. It’s in the place you are at right now. It’s in the things you have right now.

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