Focus On Data

I once worked with a guy who I thought was a total prick

It was not until I actually talked to him and spent some time with him that I realized he was a lovely bloke.

That made me realize one thing – You don’t know someone until you know someone.

We all make assumptions about people based on our limited understanding.

He looks like a mean guy.

He is rich. He must be very happy in his life.

He always says such wonderful things. He must be a nice person.

But the reality is often different from what our assumptions are.

There’s more nuance to it than what our brains care to consider.

The one who looks mean, might actually be a wonderful person.

The one who is rich, might not be happy in his life.

Or the one who says wonderful things, might actually be a horrible human being. 

My point is – We don’t know.

So, let’s stop making such assumptions about people.

If you really want to know someone, a better approach is to focus on data instead.

It means noticing people’s actions more than their words. 

It means trying to see beyond what people showcase on their social media.

People may say all sorts of things about themselves. But it’s their actions that truly define who they are.

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