Face Value

Don’t make your opinions about me based only on what you see on my social media.

People are complex creatures. Things are rarely in plain black and white. What we see on social media is only one aspect of people’s personalities.

Someone who looks like a gentleman might be a horrible person. Someone who looks like a crook might actually be a very sensible person.

We are used to taking things at their face value, including people.

Just because someone’s a smooth talker, we assume that they would be a good person. Similarly, we brand many people as creeps just because of our initial impression of them.

That is the case with me as well. I’m a lot more than what I highlight on my social media. I have my own flaws. That is also the case with everyone you follow on social media.

So, a better approach should be to reject our first reactions. That’s because these knee-jerk reactions are rarely well-thought.

We need to train ourselves to question our first reactions and then make well-thought decisions.

As the old adage goes –

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

P.S. – Follow me for the content I create, not necessarily for the person I am.

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