Days Left

On Average, There Are 29,000 Days in a Person’s Life

If you are 20 years old, you’ve already spent 7000 days.

If you are 30, the number rises to 10,000. 

If 40, it’s 14,000 days. You get the point.

Now, let’s try to put it in perspective. 

What would you do with this knowledge?

Considering how short our lives are, would you still waste your days as you do now?

Would you still spend time on unimportant things?

Would you still postpone your dream project?

Would you still hold grudges?

Or would you rather try to make the most out of this life?

Life is short. We’ve heard this often. 

But putting numbers on it makes us realize what it really means.

So, let’s be grateful for this time that we have, and let’s figure out ways to make the most out of it.

Love more, live more. Follow your passions. Chase new experiences.

Help others who are in need.

Live a good life!

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