This post is for all the creators out there who are doing outstanding work but are not YET getting the recognition they deserve.

Don’t let the quality of your work be judged by the number of likes or comments it gets.

Vincent Van Gogh, Franz Kafka, Edgar Allan Poe, Gregor Johann Mendel, Galileo Galilei, and Oscar Wilde. Do you know what all of these have in common?

They all are famous personalities known for the amazing work they did in their lifetimes. But they are also the ones who received this recognition posthumously.

Their work was so ahead of its time that people didn’t recognize it when they were alive. But today, they are considered pioneers in their respective fields.

If they had worried about what people think of their work then we wouldn’t be discussing them right now. They did the work they did only because they believed in it themselves. They didn’t seek external validation for it.

This is something that all creators must learn. We are a social media generation. We determine the quality of work based on how many likes, follows, or shares it gets.

However, as creators, you must understand that people won’t always understand the quality of your work. So don’t get disheartened if your work doesn’t get enough likes, comments, or shares.

It’s important to cater to your audience. But it’s even more important to cater to yourself. 

Do work (art, writing, dance, singing, sketching, or whatnot) that you can feel proud of. Be your own critic. Give your best and then share it with the world without any expectations.

Do it for the love of art. Not for glory.

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