Creativity is Divinity Expressing Itself

Creativity is divinity expressing itself.

In that sense, our creative works are much bigger than our own selves.

I may be the one writing, but what gets written is way bigger than just me.

At times, I look back at my own work and feel amazed to realize that I was the one who wrote it.
At times, I read my own quotes and articles to teach myself a few things or to pick up a few lessons myself.

So when you read my work, read it for the quality of the work itself, without attributing it to me.

As for me, I am only human. I have my own quirks and my own flaws. I also make mistakes as everyone else does.

But I try to become just a bit better than I was yesterday. You should do that too. And if my work helps you in any way, I would see that as a big win.

Moreover, when you look at the creation process from this perspective, you free yourself from the anxiety that comes with it.

You no longer worry excessively about how it’s going to perform or how many people are going to like it.

This eventually leads you to create even better work.

Here’s how I look at it: 

VyasSpeaks is bigger than what Shikhil Vyas is as a person.

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