In the last 24 hours, 3417 people in India have lost their lives to Covid. 

We are at a point right now where we must really be grateful for every breath we take.

If you are privileged enough to not be affected by the pandemic then good for you. But use this privilege to assist people who are suffering because of Covid.

If you cannot give someone your time then donate. If you cannot donate then help people by sharing information about Covid resources. If cannot do that either then get in touch with your friends and family, and be there for them.

It doesn’t matter how small but you can contribute in one way or the other.

Cheers to those who are trying to cheer other people up. Cheers to those who are making donations to various funds. Cheers to those who are verifying various leads and resources before sharing them on social media. Cheers to those selfless heroes who are arranging beds, cylinders, or even cremation grounds for others.

I know it’s a tough phase. But it’s heartening to see the majority of people caring for their fellow human beings.

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