Cool for You

What others find cool doesn’t have to be cool for you.

We often feel pressured to do certain things just because we think they are cool. Thanks to social media trends, we have a certain perception of what’s cool and what’s not.

Traveling to beautiful locations, wearing fancy dresses, clicking beach photos, sharing pictures of food, or putting out dashcam videos. These are common practices that we think are cool.

We see so many people doing it that we start thinking of ourselves as losers for not doing the same.

But chasing someone else’s definition of cool is a sure-shot way to be unhappy.

You don’t have to do these things just because everyone perceives them to be cool.


Let me share my own example. For me, the cool things are playing PUBG with my friend, watching a good movie while being cozy in my bed, exploring nearby places on my bicycle, or simply sitting on my balcony enjoying a cup of tea. 

These things won’t be considered cool as per social media. They won’t gather many likes or comments. But I enjoy doing these things.

These things are cool enough for me, and that’s the most important thing.

So make your own list of cool things and have fun doing those. What’s cool for you doesn’t have to be cool for others and vice-versa.

Also here’s an important distinction to understand – I’m not against the idea of traveling to places or wearing fancy dresses or even dashcam videos. What I’m against is to do these things just for the sole reason that everyone else is doing it.

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