Consumerism wants you to believe that acquiring more stuff is the key to happiness. Organizations spend millions on creating and marketing fancy commercials that project a false belief that your happiness lies in getting a new product. 

Think of any smartphone advertisement and you’ll get the point. “Do I really need this cool new feature that I probably will never use?” “Who cares?” “The guy in the advertisement seems quite pumped. So I guess I’ll feel the same once I get this smartphone.”

Then you go ahead and buy yourself a new phone, only to feel miserable within a few weeks because a new advertisement is doing rounds on the internet which makes your smartphone feel outdated. 

It is a vicious cycle which not only makes you sad but also burns through your hard-earned money. The only people benefiting from this are those who made these advertisements in the first place.

This misplaced understanding of happiness isn’t good for us. So what can be done then?

Feed someone who’s hungry, teach a kid, offer support to someone who’s struggling emotionally, or share your knowledge with someone who can benefit from it. 

These simple acts of kindness will not only bring you great joy and satisfaction but also make you realize that happiness is actually based around the pillars of selflessness and service.

Let that sink in. Happiness is based on selflessness and service.

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